Partner Name:

McGill University




Contact Person:

Prof. Viviane Yargeau, ing., PhD


Description of the Partner activities

The research performed at the 3Cs Yargeau Laboratory aims at controlling contaminants of concern in order to protect our water resources. The research activities span three main areas: developing/improving water treating technologies to mitigate the release of contaminants of concern (CECs) in the environment, assessing exposure to CECs and assessing the potential effects of these contaminants by studying the nature and toxicity of CECs and their transformation products.


Involved personnel:

Prof. Viviane Yargeau

Rachel Benoit, Research Assistant

Deniz Nasuhoglu, PDF


Role of the Partner in LIMPID

McGill will be responsible for the determination of the relative toxicity of the solution treated using the nanocomposite catalysis developed and will be involved in the identification of the transformation products of concern.

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