Partner Name:

ACCIONA Infrastructure




Contact Person:

María Casado


Description of the Partner activities

ACCIONA Infrastructure covers all aspects of construction, from engineering to project execution and maintenance. This includes the management of public works awards, especially in the area of transport (roads, motorways) and building construction, among which the most significant projects have been concessions awarded for hospital services and education centres. The company works along two main lines of business: civil works and construction

The company is a leader in R&D and innovation and is ranked among the leading construction companies in the world recognised for its practice of implementing the most advanced and innovative techniques and technology, selectively incorporating those most suitable for each individual project. The ACCIONA technology center in Madrid designs, develops and applies a range of cutting-edge materials for construction that are destined to improve the quality of life in the future.


Involved personnel:

María Casado

Kristina Villar


Role of the Partner in LIMPID

ACCIONA Infrastructure will be involved in the physical, chemical and photocatalytic characterization of the prepared catalytic materials and nanocomposites. ACCIONA will also cooperate in the sol-gel coating preparation, testing and application on cementitious substrates. The main role of ACCIONA in the project will be the development and validation of technological applications of the products in the LIMPID project. Finally ACCIONA will contribute to the dissemination of the project and to the exploitation plan.

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