Partner Name:

Fraunhofer ISC




Contact Person:

  • Dr. Klaus Rose


Description of the Partner activities

The Fraunhofer ISC is a materials research institute whose mission is to develop innovative materials for tomorrow's products. The institute’s activities involve the application oriented development of non-metallic inorganic materials (glass, ceramics) and inorganic-organic hybrid materials from chemically dissolved precursors using chemical nano-technology. The second core competence includes the technologies of materials’ applications, e.g. as composites, powders, fibers and coatings. Starting with the manufacture of materials, continuing through processing, and culminating with the finished product, the institute aims to make more efficient use of energy and resources throughout the value chain. Turnkey solutions are developed for key applications in the fields of engineering, health, energy, construction and the environment. The Fraunhofer ISC possesses outstanding competence with respect to the ORMOCER® family of materials, inorganic-organic hybrid polymers that were invented and further refined at the institute.


Involved personnel:

  • Dr. Klaus Rose
  • Dr. Sofia Dembski


Role of the Partner in LIMPID

The materials chemistry competence dovetails expertise from the departments of sol-gel chemistry, coating materials and particle technology. This opens up access to a wealth of synthesis methods for developing and optimizing materials and material components. Within the LIMPID project the Fraunhofer ISC encompasses the development of chemically tailored inorganic-organic hybrid materials (ORMOCER®) as host matrix for TiO2 nanoparticles as well as the synthesis of photocatalytic TiO2 nanoparticles including their surface modification and their characterization and the application of material related technologies. Therefore Fraunhofer-ISC will be involved mainly in nanomaterials, polymers, and nanocomposite preparation as well as technological application. With its background knowledge and experience Fh-ISC can assist in pollutants degradation in air.

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