Partner Name:

POLYMAT, University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU





Contact Person:

  • Prof. Jose Ramon Leiza


Description of the Partner activities

UPV/EHU at the University of the Basque Country in San Sebastian, is an internationally reputed university research Institute in Polymer Materials. Institute of Polymer Materials (POLYMAT) includes 21 Assistant, Associate and Full Professors and more than 50 PhD students and postdoctoral fellows. The Institute is organized in four areas: Polymer Science, Polymerization Processes, Rheology and Polymer Processing and has provided technical support to more than 100 companies, both SMEs and large companies. POLYMAT has participated in EU funded projects since FP5 and it is actually participating in 5 different projects including collaborative 2 NMP-FP7 projects and 3 Marie Curie Activities.

They are experts in Polymerization Reactions and Engineering and have directed their research to the fundamental investigation of industrially significant problems with special emphasis on polymerization in dispersed media.


Involved personnel:

  • Prof. Jose Ramon Leiza
  • Prof. José María Asua


Role of the Partner in LIMPID

POLYMAT will be involved in the synthesis of hybrid latexes containing the photocatalsyt (TiO2 or other doped forms of TiO2 synthesized by other partners of the consortium) and other compounds that might be advantageous in terms of facilitating the capture of the pollutants. The challenge is to synthesize this latexes with the required morphology and with the best composition in order to make the polymers not affected by the catalytic activity of the nanoparticles. It is envisioned to synthesize polymeric dispersions containing fluoropolymers like long chain alkyl fluoro acrylates.

POLYMAT will also consider the production of similar hybrid latexes with additional magnetic activity.

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